The Legend

Land Rover Defender 90 is one of the most aesthetic and charismatic cars in the world.

With over 70 years of history, this cherished British legend Defender gained a worldwide reputation for his ruggedness, versatility, and timeless design.

His pedigree is unquestionable considering he was present in most of the world’s important events. From making safaris in the remotest areas of the world or transporting the Royal Family or celebrities, the Defender was always ready to fulfill his task.


Your Best Choice

This timeless 4×4 is the ultimate vehicle for visiting the coastline and exploring new horizons.

That said, plus our passion for this legendary model, we felt it was the right choice to accompany you in your adventure through Portugal.

In a world where everyone wants to have the latest model and keeps demanding brand-new stuff, we decided to go the other route and reuse this vintage 4×4.

We have extended the lifespan of this beautiful piece by bringing it back into circulation and sharing this experience with you.

Isn’t it about time you hit the road?

When you take a ride in our vintage Defender you will understand that sometimes we must go back in time to remember why old school cars were so special and appealing.

Step in the Land Rover, buckle up, put the soft-top in safari mode, turn the Marshall sound speakers ON and let’s enjoy the ride along the amazing views of this epic country creating experiences and memories you will never forget.